I live in a growing town in East Texas and for 18 years I got to teach my favorite subject: English. I loved everything about it: teaching it, reading it, writing it, reading about writing it. I have recently resigned my college teaching position and gone back to school for a nursing degree. It is crazy. It is intense. It is hard. But hard is not the same thing as bad. The hard is what makes it great, to steal a line from A League of Their Own. I have a large family and a small life, but a lot of life experiences.

According to my brother, I’m a sap. I write for the love of writing. I write because I have something to say, even if no one reads or hears it. But you see, in my life, I have endured losses I would wish on no one. I have learned how to make it appear as if everything is fine on the surface of my life, when inside I am deeply broken. Writing allows me to tell my story. No one may want to read it. That’s fine. But I can still tell it. And at some point, maybe some of those broken bits of me may begin to heal.

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