Monday, November 6, 2017

Thoughts and Prayers

When that first truckload
Of thoughts and prayers arrives
See how much help they need unloading.

How many needy flock to its arrival,
Hands out in supplication,
Faces slack with relief,
Throats loose with moans of joy.

When the tailgate rolls up,
And shows that empty trailer,
And the wounded look with eyes burning in disbelief,
Remember: thoughts and prayers.

“People sent their deepest thoughts and prayers to you,”
They will tell them.
“In your time of need, here they are.
These prayers will fix all your problems.”

The hollowness of that trailer stares back,
Unable to offer help,
Unable to change a thing.

But people still send them,
Those thoughts and prayers,
By the truckload.

-       Karen Peterson


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